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AZURA (1984)

AZURA (1984)


A boy from a wealthy always gathers with bad company. He is very mischief and always involves in gang fight. One day he met a girl and falls in love with her. The girl, Azura, later changed the boy's character and he became a good and well mannered boy. He proposed to Azura but thier marriage was objected by his parents because Azura comes from a poor family. Despite of his parents objection, he marries Azura and leaves behind all his family's wealth. He works as  a laborer to support Azura. Everything was perfect until one day Azura is found to be pregnant. Her husband suspects that the baby she is carrying does not belongs to him. Misunderstanding then arise between them...

Deddy M. Borhan

Deddy M. Borhan ... Lakonlayar
M. Amin ... Skrip asal

Jamal Abdillah ... Zek (Zakaria bin Putih)
Fauziah Ahmad Daud ... Azura (Norazura bt Bahaman)
Maria Arshad ... Ibu Tiri Zek
A. Galak ... Datuk Putih
Rafie Hussein ... Razif
Yusni Jaafar ... Mak Long
M. Rajoli ... Pengurus Stesen Minyak
Syed Sobrie ... Amir
M. Daud
Montoi Yaakob
Azean Yussof ... 
Noor Liza Abdullah
Rahman Aziz
Ahmad Sharif
Ismail Omar
Patrick Gilan
Eddy Thomas

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